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Bowling Math FormulaBowling is great family fun, and there is nothing better than rolling a set with your parent or your child. The Lotito family, with a long history of bowling locally in many classic and traveling leagues, have enjoyed their bowling passion together for decades. Ken Lotito, the family bowling patriarch, taught his two boys, Mike & Tim, to bowl as small children. He would let the boys practice while he bowled in the league. The boys were very competitive from the start and remain that way today. Their competitive nature led them to excellence, and they all have multiple 300’s and 800’s. Mike K. Lotito has about over twenty 300 games and twenty 800 series. Grandpa Ken is approaching 80 and still averages over 200 in senior classic leagues around town.

Mike K.’s son, Mike R. Lotito, didn’t start bowling till he was a junior in high school, as his passion was baseball. But very quickly he had two 300 games before he graduated from high school. That Lotito blood is a gifted mix of red and white cells that know how to carry 7 and 10 pins.

Perfect Equation = 300

After bowling together for five years at the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC), Mike K. and Mike R. experienced something few fathers and sons have. On November 6, 2018, during the DAC Tuesday 5:30 p.m. league, Mike K. Lotito and Mike R. Lotito both scored 300 in the same game on the same team as 4th and 5th men. It was a game they will remember all their lives and the highlight of a gifted passion.

Their team lost the game, as the DAC has 100% handicap, so 600 pins from the 4th and 5th spots were not enough. Somehow they managed the biggest grin of their lives anyway!

According to the DAC News, Their perfect games are a first for teammates in the same game at the DAC. Also, it is the second time for this father and son duo to have 300 games at the DAC.

Contributed by George J. Henry, USBC – Metro Detroit Bowling News

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