Corona, March Madness & Safety

To our CPA Nerds family,

For us, March Madness generally has a different meaning, as it is our busiest time. As you can imagine, we are trying to stay healthy so we can keep serving you to the best of our ability. We’re working hard to meet your deadlines and get through the rest of this tax season.

On March 23, Governor Whitmer issued a shelter-in-place Executive Order and closed nonessential businesses. According to the State of Michigan, CPA Firms do not qualify as essential business, even though we’re in the middle of tax season. Unfortunately, as a result, our office is closed until April 13th. Therefore, no one is available to answer our phones. However, we have invested significantly in our technology over the past 12 months and as a result, our staff has been able to continue working remotely to keep the flow of engagements going. If you call, please use the directory to leave a voicemail. Our phone system is designed to generate an email for that person with the voicemail attached. In addition, no paper copies of tax returns can be sent out until we are back in the office, so for the time being, delivery of tax returns will be Gateway only. Our office can still receive mail, so please utilize those postage-paid envelopes to send in your documents, or upload them to your secure client Gateway. If you need a Gateway, please either respond to this email or reach out to us. An informative video on how to use the Gateway can be found here.

Unprecedented Territory – Read the latest IRS Tax deferments issued here.

Coronavirus Safety

We would like our clients to utilize our secure Gateway to send documents to transmit documents back and forth. Our Gateway is more secure than email as it is encrypted, and every user has their own unique login. If you do not yet have a Client Gateway set up, call us today at 586-468-0200 and have one of our admin staff set you up. You can watch a fun video about how to use our Gateway here.

Here is a list of The Nerd’s phone extensions:

Name Extension   Name Extension
Mike Lotito 201   Randy DiFalco 212
Michael Lazzara 202   Adam Kalil 213
David Lazzara 203   Sarah Mann 214
Rebekah Macfarlane 204   Nancy Sobczak 215
Cindy Shortt 205   Terri Alee 216
Nicolle Filipek 206   David Martin 217
Kathy Mills 207   Michael Lotito 218
Brad Bringard 208   Sawsan Kato 219
Brad Chapman 209   Pam Neifer 220
Holly Westgate 210   Nathan Steinwascher 221
Amy Shafer/Front Desk 211   Shelly Lazzara 222

Also, please continue to check out Blog for updates to the business landscape with respect to the Coronavirus. We are keeping our ears to the ground for any changes with regards to relief for small businesses and taxpayers.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Rest assured, we’re doing everything we can in these unprecedented times.

Your friendly staff at Lotito & Lazzara, P.C.

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