New Online Identity Verification Process for IRS Online

online identity verification process for IRS

User-friendly access to IRS online tools enables fuss-free management for your accounting needs, minimizing the risks of errors and delays. Conventionally, accessing online IRS services required a manual log-in with IRS usernames and credentials.  The IRS recently launched a mobile-friendly …

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Accelerated Depreciation – The Differences Between Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation

accelerated depreciation

When you buy an asset that provides value over the course of a year, you may need to capitalize the asset and claim depreciation expense over the useful life of the asset. However, sometimes it makes more sense to claim …

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Gamblers Rejoice!

QuickBooks Backup

Offset Those Winnings! Michigan gambling taxes are getting clarifications. If you hit it big at a Michigan casino (or while playing blackjack from your phone) in 2021, here’s some good news. Historically, the IRS has allowed gambling losses to offset …

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Standardized Versus Itemized Deductions and Tax Brackets

tax time bean bracket

Tax season can send terror through the hearts of the bravest citizens. You want your tax return to follow the law, but you also want to keep as much money as possible away from the IRS, that unpopular entity that …

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Year-End Tax To-Do’s

Year-End Tax Tips

Year-End Tax Tips for a Successful Tax Season There are always changes going on in the tax world, legislation always making things interesting for us. Here are some things you can do NOW that will make your tax return go …

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FICA Taxes That Are Withheld: Social Security & Medicare

fica taxes withheld

There are two components of FICA tax that are withheld from your payroll check, Social Security and Medicare. You’ll want to know how to calculate the withholdings on your payroll taxes. Both employees and employers equally split this mandatory payroll …

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Get Ready for the Advance Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit Letter

Learn More About the Advance Child Tax Credit Heya folks! This summer, the IRS will help families by sending out advance payments of the Advance Child Tax Credit. We’re here to share the news and let you know how to …

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COVID Stimulus Round 3

COVID-19 Stimulus 2021

Don’t give the IRS more money than you’re supposed to Key Provisions of Biden’s COVID Stimulus Bill Labeled as the “American Rescue Plan Act”, this bill will affect a lot of individuals and businesses. Unemployment Compensation, retroactive to 2020 tax …

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IRS Mistakenly Sent Non-Filing Notices

IRS non filing

The IRS has posted a statement on its website acknowledging that it mistakenly sent non-filer notices to thousands of taxpayers regarding their 2019 returns (“CP59 notices”). The IRS shouldn’t have sent the CP59 notices because it hasn’t finished processing all …

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The Kiddie Tax: What You Need to Know

kiddie tax 2020

2020: The Year of Unemployment Did your child collect unemployment this year? Your family may be impacted by a lesser-known piece of the Internal Revenue Code aptly labeled the “Kiddie Tax”. The Kiddie Tax was implemented by the Internal Revenue …

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