User-friendly access to IRS online tools enables fuss-free management for your accounting needs, minimizing the risks of errors and delays. Conventionally, accessing online IRS services required a manual log-in with IRS usernames and credentials. 

The IRS recently launched a mobile-friendly verification process with the online identity network, which allows you to log into your account and access tools and applications securely and conveniently. 

The alternative login method features expanded identity documentation alongside a highly responsive help desk service. IRS accounts originally served as exclusive management for advanced child tax credit payments but will expand to replace the default login process. — Online Identity Verification Process For IRS Made Easy is an identity proofing company established in 2010 approved by the Federal government as a credential service provider in 2014. The online identity verification for IRS also provides comprehensive user account management across 27 states and multiple federal agencies — all with a one-stop registration.

Fuss-Free Online Identity Verification For IRS

You can start using the online identity verification for IRS via the agency’s official website. Signing in with your old IRS credentials gives you the option of creating an account. applies MFA (multifactor authentication) for added protection, linking the account to your email or phone number.

The identity verification includes recording your appearance via driver’s license, state identification card, or passport and tallying the image with a selfie portrait snapped with your mobile device camera. also requires your social security number to complete the registration process. 

Not to fret if you face issues signing up for an account via the standard registration. The IRS will guide you through the process with a live agent (i.e., trusted referee) via a video call, where you will need to submit identification documents

The notable advantages of signing up for the online identity verification for IRS include seamless and secure scheduling of tax payments and authorizing requests from tax professionals. Additionally, you can expect significantly improved IRS account security with the verification’s multi-level structure. 

Available IRS Services with

Not all IRS online services are currently available with the verification process. However, the IRS expects to include more functions through 2022. The list of compatible IRS services at the time of this writing include:

  • Child Tax Credit Update Portal
  • Online Payment Agreement
  • Acquiring an Identity Protection PIN
  • Requesting a Transcript Online
  • Online Account Management

The IRS requires users to transition to the new verification method by the summer of 2022. Now could be an excellent time to create an account and familiarize yourself with the login process. 

Alternatively, you may start using the new verification with the credentials from an existing account (e.g., from Child Tax Credit Update Portal or other governmental agencies).  

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