2022 Taxes Checklist

Whew! Another year, another birthday, and what about those frigid temps for the end of December!?

When it gets to the end of the year we tend to think of family, warm fires, and enjoying all those people we love. Call us cynical but, we are thinking of taxes and deductions, forms and, stapling automation optimization. Seriously!

You’ll get organized!

You will feel optimized!

You’ll better your chances of having a file that is full of numbers and conclusions!

You’ll get your taxes done sooner!

But in order to get you ready for Uncle Sam you need to be prime and proper. If you are looking to be more intimate with your tax preparer this season then you’ll want to utilize this snazzy and revised 2022 Form 1040 checklist.

Download The 2022 Form 1040 Checklist

Nerds Knowledge

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