Using Our New Gateway Portal

At CPA Nerds, we’re like the superheroes of privacy and security – we’ve got your back! Your comfort is our top priority, especially when it comes to handling your important tax info. That’s why we’ve leveled up our security game! Our new, shiny multifactor authentication process is like a secret handshake for your account but way cooler.

Image of the homepage for CPA Nerds

Upgrading Your Account

Planning to team up with us this year? Awesome! Just hop onto your Client Gateway and complete a few quick steps. It’s like a mini-mission to ensure your data stays safe and sound. Here’s what you need to do:

Image of NetStaff CS or NetClient CS Login Form

  • Click the “Pay Client Portal” button on the CPA Nerds’ home page.
  • When reaching the next page, enter your NetStaff CS or NetClient CS credentials to upgrade to a new login.
  • If you have used our Client Gateway in the past, please note you will need to create a new sign-in.
  • To do so, you will need to know your username and password.
    • If you forgot your username, we can provide that to you.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you will need to enter your username and click the “Forgot Password” link.  

    Find Support From The Nerds

    Running into a bit of a hiccup while trying to log into your Client Gateway? No worries! Our office team is like a bunch of friendly tech wizards, always ready to lend a hand. Think of your Client Gateway as your personal magic portal. It’s not only super efficient but also ultra-secure, making it a breeze to send us your tax documents with just a few clicks. Plus, you can settle your invoice online as easy as pie, and voilà, your completed tax return will be back with you in a jiffy!

    Think of your Client Gateway as your own express lane for tax return delivery – it’s the way to go for a fast, eco-friendly option! But hey, if you’re more of a paper-in-hand kind of person, we totally get it. Just give us a heads-up by ticking the ‘I love paper’ box on your 1040 Checklist, or email us a quick request. We’ll ensure your account gets the memo, and you get your tax return in good old-fashioned paper form. Easy-peasy.

    Keep Up To Date With CPA Nerds

    We’re over the moon with gratitude for your support in the past – you’re like the star players of our CPA Nerds team! As we gear up for the upcoming tax season, we can’t wait to dive into more number-crunching adventures with you.

    Do you have questions, need a tax strategy pep talk, or just want to say ‘hi’? Don’t be a stranger – give us a shout at CPA Nerds. We’re always here, ready to tackle taxes with you. Let’s make this tax season the best one yet!