Three 2015 Income Tax Return Changes

income-tax-changes-11.  New Email Address for 1040 Tax Returns

In order to better serve you, we’ve created a new email address where you can contact us directly regarding the status of your 1040 income tax return. We will review all emails on a daily basis and respond within one business day. Please feel free to email all additional tax return items that you may receive to:

income-tax-changes-22.  Affordable Healthcare Act, (Obama-care) Forms

Due to the new healthcare laws, you may receive several new tax forms this year. If you receive any of the forms we have listed below, please make sure to include them with your tax information, as it’s likely that these forms will have an impact on your taxes.

Many employers might not issue these forms until later in February so please email them as soon as you receive them.

  1. 1095-A             Health Insurance Marketplace Statement
  2. 1095-B             Health coverage
  3. 1095-C             Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage
  4. 1099-H             Health Coverage Tax Credit

income-tax-changes-33.  Client Gateways

Last year we began delivering completed tax returns using our “Client Gateway” accounts allowing you to receive tax refunds two to three weeks earlier. However, we will still be providing paper copies in the following stations:

  1. Your return can’t be E-filed due to Fraud filing the prior year
  2. You owe taxes with your return
  3. We have prepared estimates for you to file
  4. You request a paper copy of your returns

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